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35th Annual Concert - Sunday 26 November 2017 at Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre, Preston.

2018 Enrolments open from 1st December.

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Studio: 450 Ironbark Road
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Postal: PO Box 65
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Our tap classes offer students of all ages the chance to have fun exploring a world of rhythm and beats.  From the old fashioned style performed by Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelley to the modern industrial stylings of Tap Dogs.  Classes cover both CSTD set syllabus and general work.

Jazz/Hip Hop

These classes incorporate a diverse range of styles including modern jazz, hip hop and funk.  Students gain flexibility and strength through stretching exercises, and develop an appreciation of movement to different styles of music.  CSTD modern jazz set syllabus work also covered.

Classical Ballet

Students are trained in classical movement and technique and our classes include barre, centre and floor work.  We follow the CSTD syllabus which also includes the study of demi and national character dances.  Classical ballet instils a sense of discipline in our students and also helps them achieve a strong and limbered body, as well as strong technique.  Senior level classes progress to pointe work.

Preschool Dance

These classes are designed for preschoolers from 3 years of age.  A fun class which introduces our youngest students to a wide variety of dance styles, covering tap, ballet and jazz, creative movement and singing.  Children gain confidence, musicality, fitness, socialisation, co-ordination and rhythm.  Girls and boys participate in these classes. We also are offering a Mums & Bubs Class for younger children to enjoy dance movement, singing and music. This class will be operating on Wednesday mornings. Preschool classes operate Saturdays and Midweek.


Dance acrobatics classes are conducted for children from around 5yo on Friday evenings. 


Classes for beginners to advanced in Contemporary dance technique on Wednesday evenings.